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Life isn’t Beautiful, but it’s Worth Fighting for


We are free. We are happy. We are unstoppable. Life is beautiful. Most of us would say this phrase  when we congratulate ourselves upon succeeding, or when horrible things cannot possibly ruin that blissful moment. It is like happiness had extinguished all of our worries. After reading Nightby Elie Wiesel, however, life almost has no meaning for the millions of imprisoned Jews. Life inside the concentration camp consisted of foods that are rotten and scarce, forced labors that are painfully long, and the common scent of death.

In Night, life isn’t beautiful… but it’s worth fighting for. The one scene that I remembered best in the book displays this phrase perfectly, in my opinion. At the very end, Elie and his fellow Jews were freed by the Allied forces, and hope finally shone through the endless darkness that constantly occurs throughout the story. I remembered this moment best, because it was the end of the many sufferings that I’ve read.The Jews have been beaten and tortured so many times that they view life to be ugly. However, some of them continues on fighting to live although life is almost meaningless to them. The stale foods in Night seems insignificant, but everyone is constantly fighting for it. In this book, food is virtually life itself.

All of this can be reflected on our society. In a certain angle, life can be beautiful to the few. But when life turns around, it can be as ugly as how the Jews in Night experienced it. Sometimes, life isn’t beautiful, yet we still fight to continue living. That is what makes us strong.

– Christopher Vuong



Food= Misery (” The Seven Samurai”)

Food is the key element that help every living thing on this earth still exist today. We would do anything  for the smell of the delicious food for any means necessary.   ” The Seven Samurai” by Akira  Kurosawa explains a story about these seven samurai who fight for these peasants after their harvest crop got stolen by the evil bandits. These bandits caused these villagers to starve and the urge for food drives them crazy as they want to fight back but are consume by fear. The villagers then look for samurai that would  help defeat the bandits, but most of the samurai didn’t want to help them because they don’t want to ruin their reputation and they are not hungry. The only way to get samurai to help such a poor village is starving  Samurai as the wise man in the village said. So they found 6 samurai and the last one was a drunk, would be  samurai named Kukichiyo.


In one of the scene,  Kukichiyo and the villagers brought many weapons and supplies that were use to be old samurai who were killed by these villagers. The six samurai were pissed at the villagers and Kukichiyo, who knows why these farmers have these weapons. He said that farmers are foolish people who use hungry Samurai as a way to pretend that they are hopeless and they are living in fear without enough food and protection. He also said that these people actually have a secret hide out where they have   food and weapons and they use this advantage to find more samurai and killed them for their own use. The reason why these villagers become monsters because of the samurais. The Samurais rape their wives, burn their village, steal their food, and other horrible events. We then realized in the movie that Kiichiyo was born a farmer when Kambei Shimada( leader of the seven samurai) said that he was born a farmer. There is also a scene when Rikichi and Yohei were preparing to make rice for the samurai but the vase of rice got stolen. Yohei was crying and he said that he was hugging the  vase all night, protecting it all night with his  life.  He then picked up the remaining rice that were on the floor and they were in fear, but Katsushiro( Disciple of Kambei) gave them money to help get more rice and prevent punishment. This scene show us that food can bring us to fear and that people would do some cruel thing  just to get a handful of food to fill up their stomach.

SevenSamurai     snapshot20110927205447

Food can tear us apart and lead to more misery and pain instead of pleasure and joy. For many years, food have been use as weapons to help defeat someone like poisoning a food . Food is reason that brought most of these people in this movie  to start find these seven samurai and help them to defeat the bandits. If food was not part of the role, the people wouldn’t even find the Seven Samurai and the bandits would not invade the villagers and drive the villagers crazy in the beginning.


Food help relieve the whole population and are use for survival. Food can bring this world to cruelty by killing. For example, we killed a chicken just to eat for our taste and pleasure and we don’t care how the animal feels. This shows that human are just like animals and this give us an example of Social Darwinism and Darwin’s idea. So when you eat another chicken next time, think about the chicken and the sacrifice that the chicken has to make just to fulfill your empty stomach.

23 million chickens are killed for food in the U.S. every day.

Anthony Dk Nguyen

Pierce Through the Silence

One of the most memorial scene in this book for me was when Juliek played a piece by Beethoven on his violin. Playing a song by a German composer was prohibited for a Jew by the Nazis, but Juliek did it anyway. Juliek’s performance was a defiance against the Nazis. He was denied of his existence, rights, and life. He became emotionally numb from years of being in the concentration camp like so many others. He took everything that was denied from him and put his soul and heart into one last performance. This scene is important to me, because anyone should be able to enjoy music and express themselves through any form of art. That is basic human rights.



After Every Day Comes Night

On page 87 of the novel Night an injured man is forced to run and continue on the journey but if he stops he will be shot at and killed. I chose this scene because everyone, including myself, always works their hardest and go through the tough times. We all learn how to persevere and get through the toughest of times. I chose this scene for another reason. The reason is that there are no such things as limits and boundaries. We only see limits and boundaries when we do not want to go further. We make our own boundaries. If we believe in ourselves we can do anything. Elie Wiesel is fighting against tyranny and fear. Fear can pull you back but also move you forwards. He is also fighting against stopping. Instead of stopping, you should continue to fight your way forwards and never look back.


– Jonathan

The Truth of Persecution

Hate, pain, anger, sorrow, violence, words. All of these words deal with a single word that has plagued our minds since the dawn of time. The word is persecution. No matter what time we go to their will always be persecution, even in a place where persecution is illegal. Persecution is in our very being, there is no escape from it. Even if we think that we don’t persecute we still do. We categorize people into categories where we choose if we want to associate with them. Unconscious signals in our brain would tell us who we want to be friends with and who we want to avoid. We never ever think about it.


High School is an example/analogy of persecution. There is bullying and cliques. The cliques separate people who are not similar and sometimes they never associate. Bullying affects everyone not only the person being bullied. It hurts the people around by making them feel powerless. Bullying is an extreme example of persecution. They attack the undefended and weak. Bullying is not encouraged and is frowned upon but it still happens, even in the bests of schools. Anti-bullying campaigns are trying to stop bullying, and it has helped, but some things are not enough. Even though this usually never happen in most schools there are still some schools that do.


 Some people’s desire to persecute is so strong that they take extremes. An example would be Adolf Hitler. His hate for the Jews drove him to first hate them, then to persecute them and then eventually to kill them. He believed that they were evil and they needed to be eradicated from the face of the earth. He sent them to concentration camps to be killed. As in the novel Night the Jews in the control of Germany was sent to the camps to be burned alive. Nobody was an exception, everyone, including babies, were killed or sent to do hard labor until they die of starvation, exhaustion, or thirst. Even if they lived they would be driven insane. In Night the narrator is separated from his family and only has his dad left. His novel shows the truth of what happens after they were taken from their homes. This book is like an extension of The Diary of Anne Frank. Night tells about what happens after people arrive to the camps in more details. This novel and diary shows what everyone had to do in order to escape death from their persecutors. The only way that this persecution was able to stop was when another party intervened.

 PicMonkey Collage

Persecution can lead to selfishness. A person persecuting could give a person less food and with less quality. During the Holocaust Hitler gave the Jews only the bare minimum amount of food to survive. He gave them bad food that might have already spoiled. The cruel thing is there was nothing they could do about it. They had to eat something or else they would die. Nice delicious food was only a dream for the people in the camps. Meals were without nutrition or flavor. Food was not just food it was life. It meant everything to people. It decided their fates. This happened even after World War 2. Persecution continued in the “land of the Free.” Instead of the Jews being persecuted the African Americans were persecuted. They were given poor food in restaurants and had to work very hard to get food on the table. This persecution ended by the power of one man, Martin Luther King Jr.

Persecution affects everybody but can be easily stopped. All that is needed to stop it is a single word or if necessary action. Persecution is in all of us, it is also our decision to listen to it or to fight it and ignore it. It is a powerful force that can seep through any cage that contains it. Persecution can only be suppressed. If people take too long to intervene than more force is necessary to stop it, for example World War 2. If we all act now than we can stop bullying and persecution before it goes too far. It is our job to stop this terror.


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